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Tailor-made Marketing and Launch Programs for Ed-Tech Ventures

  • Identify market opportunities. With sustainable growth and profitability as strategic imperatives, we provide an aggregated overview of markets, market demand, and the competitive landscape. This helps reveal opportunities and connections, which is an essential step in establishing and strengthening brand equity.
  • Define winning strategies. We help clients transform unique insights into actionable, tactical initiatives that are in line with their goals and objectives. We accomplish this by conducting a deep-dive market assessment, using powerful analytics coupled with our expertise in the education industry. 
  • Evaluate key areas for potential growth. We assess opportunities for clients aiming to increase their offerings via expansion into adjacent education sub sectors such as education technology. We also help clients create a business plan for new opportunities, taking into consideration multiple factors.
  • Create value from the ecosystem. We tap into our partnerships across the education network — in innovation, talent, capital and impact. Our expertise puts us in a unique position to support our clients reach where they want to reach.