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Rite Angles Signature Admissions Catalyst Program

Rite Angles Signature Admissions

Catalyst Program

The Rite Angles Signature Admissions Catalyst Program comprises of a site visit focused on research, assessment, and planning with the key stakeholders to get a comprehensive understanding of your current situation and challenges, and also to evaluate the enrollment process and marketing strategies.

Phase 1

Assessment And Recommendations

In order for Rite Angles to develop strategic marketing and enrollment plan, this process will begin with a comprehensive assessment of the entire effort. This process includes the following:

  • Key Marketing Data and Institutional Research Review – Specific data, reports and documents will be requested in advance from the stakeholders in order to review the current marketing and enrollment effort.
  • On-Campus Interviews and Focus Group Meetings – An on-site visit of two days will be conducted that will include on-campus interviews, focus groups and other discussion led meetings with the key stakeholders & users, in some cases.
  • Parent Satisfaction and Marketing Survey – An online marketing survey will help us uncover the overall attitudes and perceptions about the brand in order to craft a better solution led strategy and action plan. 

Strategic Marketing and Enrollment Recommendations

Based on the assessment and research conducted along with competition mapping, we will develop strategic marketing and enrollment initiatives including other recommendations for your business and chalk out a comprehensive plan.

Phase 2


With over 20 years of experience in educational enrollment and marketing processes & strategies,  Rite Angles will be your personal  marketing coach for growth.

What areas will be covered during the coaching sessions?

  • Admissions – Goal setting, accountability, reporting, inquiry generation and follow-up, application generation and follow-up, yield strategies.
  • Retention – Rates, strategies, re-enrollment, continuous enrollment, customer service, transition grades, communications, exit survey
  • Marketing Strategies – Internal, external, word-of-mouth, web-based marketing strategies

The coaching phase includes:

  • Frequent coaching and accountability conference calls with the enrollment and marketing teams.
  • Best practice solutions offered for admissions/ lead generation & retention, varying from strong internal marketing communications plan to, external marketing, word of mouth and web‐based marketing.
  • Open to questions in between coaching sessions.